Breaking stereotypes

Breaking stereotypes

A talk with Pierre Boulanger, the head of the Association des Myasthéniques Isolés et Solidaires (AMIS), showed us the unique obstacles that men with MG go through. Pierre, who has MG himself, shared his perspective on how conventional ideas of masculinity can impact the lives of those suffering. In this article, we will examine Pierre's views on the complicated link between social norms of manhood and the experience of being a man with MG.

Men who have MG encounter difficulties due to traditional stereotypes. These imply that men must be robust, but MG makes it challenging. Certain men conceal their issues, which can adversely impact their well-being.

  • It is vital to break away from these stereotypes. Men with MG may be apprehensive about appearing feeble, which can deter them from seeking help promptly.
  • Traditional masculinity can make it difficult for men with MG to discuss their emotions. This can make their path more challenging.
  • Social norms also impact how men with MG behave in their relationships, affecting their communication and connections with others.
  • Revising the concept of masculinity is needed. Pierre recommends that men with MG seek assistance, express their feelings, and prioritize self-care.
  • Pierre shared accounts of men who coped with MG and succeeded. He mentioned healthcare workers playing a significant part in aiding these men.

We then asked Pierre for his advice on how to break free from the social pressure to be stoic. Here is his advice:

Talk about your feelings – it's good for your health! Educate others about MG to help them comprehend it better. When you express your emotions, you gain strength. Join an assembly to converse with others who encounter comparable obstacles. Consult professionals to manage your emotions and combat stress linked to MG.

Adopt "I" statements to express yourself truthfully and kindly. Take it easy on yourself and acknowledge your advancements. Commend your accomplishments! Attempt writing, creating art or music, or practising meditation daily for emotional release. Organise discussions on problematic issues to communicate your requirements more effectively. This assists in comprehending each other better, creating positivity!

In summary, Pierre Boulanger provides a guiding light for men who encounter MG. His advice is to abandon preconceptions and put health first.The instruction is simple - eradicate unhelpful stereotypes. Men need to have the confidence to ask for help, embrace their individuality and live life to the full despite the challenges of MG. This vital message encourages everyone to speak up and create a welcoming world that supports those facing the difficulties of MG.

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