Navigating MG: Dimitris' inspiring journey

Navigating MG: Dimitris' inspiring journey

At the tender age of 16, Dimitris Zaftis (Vice President of H-MG, the Hellenic myasthenia gravis association) faced the start of MG symptoms. As his strength began to fail, activities he once enjoyed, such as sports, football, and basketball, became distant memories. The friendships he shared with his friends, based on common interests and activities, slowly faded away. The social circle that had once defined his youth naturally lost interest as Dimitris struggled with the limitations imposed by his condition.

The progression of his symptoms took a severe turn, affecting even the most basic functions such as eating, swallowing, and drinking water. Dimitris found himself robbed of his body's strength, unable to stand and facing a life-changing challenge. The once vibrant teenager soon struggled with respiratory muscle involvement, leading to respiratory failure. This critical situation landed him in intensive care, where doctors battled to keep him alive, resorting to intubation.

After his hospitalisation, Dimitris embarked on a diagnostic odyssey, seeking answers from one neurologist to another. After more than six months of uncertainty, he was diagnosed with MG and began a standard treatment protocol to manage his debilitating symptoms. For Dimitris, MG became synonymous with 'despair', a feeling reinforced by the constant challenges of the disease.

But in the despair, Dimitris imparts a powerful message to fellow MG patients and their families— the importance of sharing. Sharing experiences, sharing despair, and sharing pain can foster a sense of community and understanding. Dimitris' journey serves as a testament to the resilience found in sharing one's struggles, turning despair into a collective force for hope and support.

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