Matthieu Lusignan, fighting MG with positivity and perseverance

Matthieu Lusignan, fighting MG with positivity and perseverance

Meeting Matthieu Lusignan goes beyond the usual interview; it's a fascinating immersion into the life of an exceptional person. Faced with the challenges of MG, Matthieu has turned his journey into a source of inspiration, a living example of unwavering determination.

The genesis of MG

On the eve of his 21th birthday, Matthieu was confronted with the first signs of myasthenia as he prepared to move to the United States. Startling and worrying symptoms such as a drooping mouth and eyes, accompanied by strong constant fatigue, marked the beginning of his journey. Diagnosis proved to be an arduous challenge, with four years of non-diagnosis punctuated by visits to the emergency room with no clear answer, leading to situation of deep anxiety. Awareness and the daily struggle

The moment of diagnosis was an abrupt turning point, confronting Matthieu with existential questions about his future. The first few years were marked by medical adjustments and an operation, but Matthieu managed to lead a relatively normal life. His return to France in late 2017, early 2018, rekindled the need to reevaluate all aspects of his life.

Commitment to AFM-Téléthon

Matthieu highlights the importance of his partnership with the AFM-Téléthon and reveals how his involvement has changed his view of the disease. His collaboration and participation in conferences have marked a new era, making him an "expert patient" determined to support those facing a difficult diagnosis.

Challenges for patients in France

Matthieu highlights the challenges faced by many MG patients in France, and the difficulty general practitioners have in diagnosing the disease. He stresses the need for greater coordination and awareness to improve the management of myasthenia. In his view, cooperation between France and other patient associations in Europe are essential if patients are to achieve their ultimate goal: to live as normal a life as possible for a patient. He calls for social adjustments to better support people with chronic diseases.

Impact on daily life and psychological support

Matthieu outlines the significant impact of myasthenia on patients' daily lives and highlights the crucial need for psychological support from the moment of diagnosis. He argues for a change in the approach to mental health in France, promoting holistic care involving a range of health professionals.

Matthieu Lusignan's story is much more than a simple account of MG. It is the story of an “agitator”, an individual who turns every challenge into an opportunity. Matthieu is not just a survivor, but a catalyst for change, using his experience to inspire, raise awareness and make society rethink its perception of rare diseases.

Through his partnership with AFM-Téléthon, Matthieu has shown that there is strength in collaboration and that individual stories can be the driving force behind collective progress. By positioning himself as an "expert patient", he has proven that every voice counts and every experience can light the way for others facing similar diagnoses.

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