Maya's journey of bringing humour to life with MG

Maya's journey of bringing humour to life with MG

Meet Maya Uccheddu, a remarkable individual who wears several hats as a pharmacist, freelance digital artist, and illustrator, and is making significant strides as an MG advocate as Chair of the European MG Patient Advocacy Committee. Maya's journey with MG began with seemingly mild symptoms - persistent fatigue, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Despite consulting numerous ophthalmologists, the vague nature of her symptoms made it difficult to pinpoint the problem, with symptoms coming and going over time.

A key moment for Maya was the realisation that something more dangerous was lurking beneath the surface. One night, while drinking water, she became acutely aware of the potential dangers, having experienced frequent choking episodes during such routine activities. This was the start of a journey that would take six years before she was finally diagnosed with MG.

Maya's case was complicated by the fact that she had the seronegative form of MG, rarest and most difficult to diagnose. The turning point came when a visible symptom - a persistent inability to keep one eyelid open - prompted further investigation, leading to a definitive diagnosis of MG. Despite negative initial tests, Maya persevered, sought specialised care, and found answers that relieved her and her loved ones of the frustration and uncertainty they had endured.

The diagnosis brought not only relief in the form of a stable treatment plan, but also a profound understanding of the disease. Armed with this knowledge, Maya is not only navigating her own MG journey more effectively, but also educating and supporting her loved ones, friends and family. Together, they have faced the challenges of MG with resilience and determination.

Maya's commitment to raising awareness extends beyond her personal circle. On social media, she has created a platform to share her artistic creations, injecting humour into her depictions of life with MG. Through her drawings, Maya not only sheds light on the realities of living with a rare disease, but also fosters a sense of community among those who follow her journey.

At its heart, Maya Uccheddu's story is one of perseverance, artistic expression, and advocacy - a testament to the power of understanding, resilience, and the creation of a supportive community in the face of a rare disease.

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