Silent fights uncovered

Silent fights uncovered

Meet Marguerite Friconneau, a member of the AFM-Téléthon Myasthenia group and a remarkable individual who has faced the challenges of living with MG for over 35 years. Her journey is a poignant reminder of the importance of looking beyond appearances and understanding the realities of invisible diseases.

Marguerite tells a personal story that unfolded unexpectedly last year. As a patient suffering from MG, Marguerite never caused a stir among other people... But when she was the victim of a common accident that required her to use a walking stick, things changed...she suddenly found herself visible to the world. The sharp contrast in the way people treated her, offering help and sympathy, led her to reflect on the power of outward signs in shaping perceptions of illness.

In her own words, Marguerite reflects: "Do people need external signs to understand the seriousness of an illness? This experience became a profound life lesson, teaching her not to judge others on the basis of superficial appearances. She highlights the common tendency to misinterpret external signs and the potential damage this can cause.

MG is often misunderstood because of its subtle and not easily recognisable symptoms. Marguerite urges people to resist snap judgments and to seek a deeper understanding of conditions such as MG. She emphasises the need for awareness and encourages people to educate themselves about these unassuming diseases.

She is passionate about changing attitudes. She challenges society to question preconceived notions of beauty, health and the presence of disease. Her heartfelt advice extends to those living with invisible illnesses, urging them not to be afraid or ashamed. She emphasises the importance of open communication and sharing experiences to promote understanding.

Marguerite's story is a powerful call to action, urging society to move beyond snap judgments and adopt a more empathetic perspective. Her message resonates not only with those living with MG, but with all those who navigate the complexities of invisible diseases. Through awareness, education and a willingness to understand, together we can create a more compassionate and inclusive world.

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