European Myasthenia Gravis Day: All Unite for improving the lives of MG patients

European Myasthenia Gravis Day: All Unite for improving the lives of MG patients

June 2nd marked a historical moment for the MG Community – The first ever European MG Awareness Day!

The All United for MG Coalition – who represent MG Patients from 7 countries – issued a political Call for Action at the European Parliament in Brussels with clear recommendations to the European Commission, the European Parliament and European Member States. These recommendations include increasing knowledge, promoting cross-border cooperation, ensuring recognition of the disorder, raising public awareness, providing resources and establishing centres of expertise.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Members of the European Parliament, the call for action was presented at a high level event gathering 45 participants from European Institutions, Patient Advocacy Groups, and other stakeholders.

The call for action has garnered support from Tomislav Sokol (MEP - Group of the European People's Party) and Istvan Ujhelyi (MEP - Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats) - and our ambition is to further gather signatures and garner supporters throughout Europe. We have successfully gathered signatures, and you can view them by clicking here.

Be part of the change, too: with just a few clicks, you can add your voice to the call for improved support towards myasthenia gravis patients across Europe and contribute to a brighter future for all.

Together, let's join forces to make a lasting impact.



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